Direct Mail API - Utilizes the Mailing Lists Using the Direct Mail API

Updated: Feb 27

A direct mail API helps you automate direct mail by integrating your ecommerce, CRM or other business platform with direct mail software. This allows you to effortlessly send direct mail either automatically, according to predetermined customer criteria, events or manually. These mailings are made to your customers or clients by using the direct mail API and are received in the inbox of the receiver. Your direct mail campaign can be segmented too to keep track of the effectiveness of your direct mail pieces by using the direct mail API. To learn more about direct mail api, click here.

To integrate your ecommerce platform and your direct mail API, first you will need to have a CRM or enterprise system that is integrated with direct mail API. Next you will need to have an application that is able to interface between your CRM and your direct mail software such as Microsoft's Exchange or Mozilla Thunderbird. To integrate your email marketing application with your CRM and ecommerce system you need to install the direct mail package on your CRM. For a complete installation of your CRM and ecommerce system look at the direct mail company direct mail software website. Install the package, set up the direct mail package, configure it as a part of your CRM and view your direct mail data from any browser.

Sending direct mail marketing or postcards is easy and very convenient. These marketing pieces are personalized and contain information regarding your brand or business. These direct mail marketing or postcards make a perfect form of advertising, especially during special occasions like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and promotions. The direct mail automation software helps you design and develop the content of the postcard as well as the marketing campaign in order to ensure that the direct mail marketing campaign is sent to the right addresses.

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